Everybody’s worried (A Bear’s menace)

Time's up. It started March this year when every trader was invincible. The foolish made more money because they were fearless, and Miss Market took form as a coquettish seductress who flirted with all the risk-takers. Like a siren, she called the sailors, underwater towards her embrace. It was a dream that no one wanted... Continue Reading →


About the Girl: Blessings & Betrayals

I can't sleep. It's been weeks now since the incident happened, and I've planned to write about it ever since. I debated if I should or if  I should not. I decided, finally, that this is my journey and I'd like to keep it real. I want to let the readers know what lies in... Continue Reading →

Port Snapshots and Lies

I can't sleep. The sound of the clock ticking flooded my room. The lights outside playing with the shadows on my wall. I was alone. It should have been a quiet night. But I lie awake on my bed, wrapped in my comforter, hearing the construction one street away. They were hammering it down and... Continue Reading →

Trapped in a Circle

You wake up to the sound of rain. It's 5 am and you negotiated that just 5 minutes more shouldn't be that bad. You have barely closed your eyes when your alarm goes off again. Hay! Iba talaga oras sa umaga! Cursing, you stood up and started your way towards the bathroom. The water is... Continue Reading →

The Courage to Succeed

When I first found out that Tony Robbins was going to have his workshop in Asia on February, I could not contain my excitement. I looked at the ticket prices and have decided, for the most part, to attend. I was mulling over how much I have to spend, considering I needed to fly to... Continue Reading →

The Library

Welcome the The Index of my page! This is where I have compiled my readings in a friendlier version for those new and returning as well. Rooting For Celeste is a collection of writings that focused on my struggles within, struggles with the market, and a peek on the mentorship I received from ZeeFreaks. It... Continue Reading →

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