About the Girl: 1/365, 2018, & 6 months of Full-time Trading

  It's the first day of the year. I started my day with a rude awakening from the videoke a few houses down the block. I had about 4 hours of sleep and I lain there for God Knows How Long, staring at my ceiling. A white diagonal piece of block curved by the shape... Continue Reading →


The Library

Welcome the The Index of my page! This is where I have compiled my readings in a friendlier version for those new and returning as well. Rooting For Celeste is a collection of writings that focused on my struggles within, struggles with the market, and a peek on the mentorship I received from ZeeFreaks. It... Continue Reading →

My take on Trading Groups

But atleast it's over. Whatever you gave permission to torment you, you have slapped its offending hand, and declared no longer. No longer.


What is next with Celeste

I'M HERE. NOW WHAT. What if you were given an opportunity to re-structure your life? Your body covered with dust, the ground fertile for seeds, it's time to plant the fruits you've longed to taste. What do I do now that I can do whatever the heck I want? Dobby has been given a sock.... Continue Reading →


I’m Finally Home

It was a one-way ticket home. I upgraded it to first class, because why not? I needed the extra baggage allowance anyway, and it was going to be a long flight. I ultimately wanted to feel like a winner, finally, after a long duel. The man who did my exit interview was tall and pleasant.... Continue Reading →


This is what happens when you resign

First, the shock and awe. This is your defining moment, this is where you took the bull by the horns and exhibited breath-taking courage. People will shake your hand. People will hug your body. People will come up to you wide-eyed and bewildered, 'You're leaving?'. Some of them in a more subtle manner, but in... Continue Reading →


This is the end (A journey update)

I have a confession. I am an addict. And my choice of poison comes in monthly, in large sum, and with just enough possibilities to last me until my next hit. This opium's value is strangely imperceptible and mysteriously subjective. Highly personal. Illogically indifferent to your state. What may be a small amount for the... Continue Reading →


Where is Celeste? El Niño (A Journey Update)

Healing is NOT linear. Nor is it localized to one area, and then the entire system miraculously pulls through.   "You have been awfully quiet." The stock market has been anemic lately, if any stock flew I was either too late or completely missing it. Now, I'm not saying it's always like that, but to... Continue Reading →


Letter to Cosmos: A POST-PURGE ADVICE

Dear Cosmos, How have you been? It's been three weeks since you did the Purge. I remember the first time  you tried to contact me. You were shy and unsure, almost apologetic for having the gall to reach out. I find that funny now that I remember it, also quite endearing. In truth you weren’t... Continue Reading →


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