Rooting For Celeste

Your power as a trader is not in predicting the market. It’s in your response to the unpredictable, and your mastery of self.

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Hello, My name is Celeste.

I coach traders how to perform at their best state so they can live the life they dream about.

I specialize in practical trading psychology and peak performance coaching.

Four years ago, I started trading the Philippine stock market and without the proper knowledge, ended up wiping out my entire account.

That was 200,000 pesos and I was only 23 years old. It was the start of a long journey.

I found a mentor who aliased as Zeefreaks.

Thus begins the blog Rooting For Celeste where a collection of my writings are posted, updating my readers the arduous path I have decided to walk, the teachings of my mentor, and my thoughts about the tribe called ZFT.

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Practical Trading Psychology and Performance Coaching

Achieve your next level

Feeling stuck? It doesn’t matter if you’re new to trading or a veteran in the market, there is an untapped potential in you that can take you to higher heights.

Why trading psychology?

Because it’s the missing link between knowing and doing the right thing! Unfortunately, understanding does not mean learning. Sometimes, a trader self-sabotages themselves because of internal factors they are not aware of.

What can performance coaching solve?

It helps keep the thinking and execution coherent while trying to find a way to succeed as a trader holistically, not just by studying technical indicators.

How does a trader get coached?

Performance coaching and trading psychology is very personal and variable. Theories can be discussed in a larger audience but practical solutions are better at a smaller group. Even better, on one-on-one sessions.

Outstanding Value Gain

Unlock potential

Boost your growth into the best version of yourself and see what you can achieve with the edge of a proper mindset.

Overcome hurdles

Use your obstacles to your advantage. Learn to turn your breaking point into your turning point.

Finding Financial Freedom

Build your way to independence, freedom fighters. Let’s talk about the tools that will let you live your life according to your terms.

Using Strengths To Win

Gallup-certified strengthsfinder coaching will let your capitalize on your talents and turn them into your strengths.

Positive psychology

Benefit from the practical techniques of positive psychology and double down on your improvement in handling uncertainties and the tedious process to mastery.

"Your power as a trader is not in predicting the market. It's in your response to the unpredictable, and your mastery of self."

- Rooting For Celeste

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