The Courage to Succeed

When I first found out that Tony Robbins was going to have his workshop in Asia on February, I could not contain my excitement. I looked at the ticket prices and have decided, for the most part, to attend. I was mulling over how much I have to spend, considering I needed to fly to... Continue Reading →


Part 1: Everybody is Winning (A Bull’s Euphoria)

It was a 2 hours drive from my place to the meet-up. I was sick from all the traveling and had initially decided to remove myself from society in general for a few days. 1 hour before the meeting, I stood up anyway and scolded myself. "This is not how you show people respect for... Continue Reading →

The Library

Welcome the The Index of my page! This is where I have compiled my readings in a friendlier version for those new and returning as well. Rooting For Celeste is a collection of writings that focused on my struggles within, struggles with the market, and a peek on the mentorship I received from ZeeFreaks. It... Continue Reading →

What is next with Celeste

I'M HERE. NOW WHAT. What if you were given an opportunity to re-structure your life? Your body covered with dust, the ground fertile for seeds, it's time to plant the fruits you've longed to taste. What do I do now that I can do whatever the heck I want? Dobby has been given a sock.... Continue Reading →

I’m Finally Home

It was a one-way ticket home. I upgraded it to first class, because why not? I needed the extra baggage allowance anyway, and it was going to be a long flight. I ultimately wanted to feel like a winner, finally, after a long duel. The man who did my exit interview was tall and pleasant.... Continue Reading →

This is what happens when you resign

First, the shock and awe. This is your defining moment, this is where you took the bull by the horns and exhibited breath-taking courage. People will shake your hand. People will hug your body. People will come up to you wide-eyed and bewildered, 'You're leaving?'. Some of them in a more subtle manner, but in... Continue Reading →

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