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Your power as a trader is not in predicting the market. It’s in your response to the unpredictable, and your mastery of self.


Partnership With Celeste

Celeste Rodriguez is a practical trading psychologist, trader, and an influencer who loves investments, hustling, and traveling.

Hailing from Manila, Philippines, she graduated from University of Santo Tomas and worked for 2 and a half years in Saudi Arabia as a cardiac nurse.

Celeste worked for 5 years as nurse then after almost 3 years of trading on the side, juggling shifting duties, patients, ECG and medications; She jumped head first into the world of fulltime trading, price charts, RSI patterns, and never looked back.

In her spare time, Celeste enjoys reading books, writing stories, and playing online games (at moderation!). She enjoys anything related to beauty, fashion, home decor, and loves to experience new and exciting cultures around the world. A major fan of art and design, Celeste often commissions and incorporates art in her output.

You may also find her in various events conducting or attending seminars and workshops, or at her more private time, working at charity events.

She often hangs out with other tribe members of ZFT for board games and tradecations like exploring the streets of Hong Kong or surfing at La Union.

Celeste is available for collaboration on the following projects:


Sponsored blogs, vlogs, and social posts

Facebook Live videos

Events and meet and greets

Photo and video shoots

Other projects that will help tell your story to my engaged audience

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