Celeste's Diary

Your power as a trader is not in predicting the market. It’s in your response to the unpredictable, and your mastery of self.

The Great Mystery: Selling points

Thinking back, I was never told when to cut. At almost every opportunity, I was told to buy. Buy when it's green. Buy when it's red. There was almost always ...
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Trust issues

Trust yourself. I know it's difficult to do that now, but there are more reasons to do so than to not. It's humiliating to keep asking another person what they ...
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Dating Mr. Stocks

The problem with stocks is that they're similar to men. And the problem with men, is that, they're generally very simple, but we love to make them complicated. It's true-- ...
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The Rebirth

Let me tell you a story about the day I died, and lived again. Here's an embarrassing confession, I was a fundamentalist. When I was really new, I had a ...
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