Celeste’s Diary Backup

Hello. Oh my. How do I start? This is terribly awkward knowing you’re reading.

(Celeste’s Diary was born out of the number of people who encouraged more of her writing.)

Journal Post 1:

The day after I’ve cut my losses, I am left with the pangs of my mistakes. A figure worth months of my blood, sweat, and tears. My sacrifice erased by my errors. As I try to pick myself up, I have decided to document the process for me… and for you.

The people who felt what I have felt. The loneliness and will power we ball up in our hands in this solitary road we travel… To us, the 1%.

There’s a Celeste in every one of you.

To those whose stomach churned when they saw their stock dive, to those who lost sleep thinking about it, to those who couldn’t eat afterwards.

To those who could not tell their loved ones what went wrong…

and to those who still kept going.

Losing hope was my freedom.

It all begun when I lost hope.

My mission is to stand back up from my fall inch by inch. Crawl until I can run again. Recoup my losses, and eventually free my way like how I originally planned it.

Life just doesn’t go the way we plan it, does it?

But, I wonder, will I be able to do it? Will I reach my goals? All I really wanted was a better life for myself, like each and every one of us. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even have known about this world. I would have stayed in my corner, untouched by the harshness of a market thriving in deceit. I was warned about this but we all shrug off danger until it happens to us.

Can it be done?

Can a young, naive, girl who refused to give up change her ill-gotten fate?

We’ll see, don’t we?

Because if I can, then there’s no reason that you can’t.

I am the newblood the market has decidedly killed because of my foolishly-placed trust and naivety. From here on, I swear I will not be the same prey. This is day 1 of the post-apocalypse aftermath.

Join me, watch me, support me as my story unfolds. About that one girl who refuses to give up.

Because if I can… then you can.

TA skills: Beginner

FA skills: Beginner

Amount to be recovered: 200,000 PHP. Hype victim.

Forever yours,


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