Celeste’s Diary Backup

Hello. Oh my. How do I start? This is terribly awkward knowing you’re reading.

(Celeste’s Diary was born out of the number of people who encouraged more of her writing.)

Journal Post 1:

The day after I’ve cut my losses, I am left with the pangs of my mistakes. A figure worth months of my blood, sweat, and tears. My sacrifice erased by my errors. As I try to pick myself up, I have decided to document the process for me… and for you.

The people who felt what I have felt. The loneliness and will power we ball up in our hands in this solitary road we travel… To us, the 1%.

There’s a Celeste in every one of you.

To those whose stomach churned when they saw their stock dive, to those who lost sleep thinking about it, to those who couldn’t eat afterwards.

To those who could not tell their loved ones what went wrong…

and to those who still kept going.

Losing hope was my freedom.

It all begun when I lost hope.

My mission is to stand back up from my fall inch by inch. Crawl until I can run again. Recoup my losses, and eventually free my way like how I originally planned it.

Life just doesn’t go the way we plan it, does it?

But, I wonder, will I be able to do it? Will I reach my goals? All I really wanted was a better life for myself, like each and every one of us. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even have known about this world. I would have stayed in my corner, untouched by the harshness of a market thriving in deceit. I was warned about this but we all shrug off danger until it happens to us.

Can it be done?

Can a young, naive, girl who refused to give up change her ill-gotten fate?

We’ll see, don’t we?

Because if I can, then there’s no reason that you can’t.

I am the newblood the market has decidedly killed because of my foolishly-placed trust and naivety. From here on, I swear I will not be the same prey. This is day 1 of the post-apocalypse aftermath.

Join me, watch me, support me as my story unfolds. About that one girl who refuses to give up.

Because if I can… then you can.

TA skills: Beginner

FA skills: Beginner

Amount to be recovered: 200,000 PHP. Hype victim.

Forever yours,


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  1. Congratulations for taking that huge step.I fully understand how you feel.i haven’t said it out loud but i also lost almost [deleted for his privacy -Celeste]because of hype.Imagine how can i tell my parents that i lost [x] months worth of my salary.I was so naive and stupid following stock recommendations without raising any questions HOUSE,LRW,TAPET and FNI are just some.I don’t know how can i recover that money or will i ever recover that money but i’m not giving up.Good for you because you have found a good mentor like zeefreaks i too wishing that maybe someday i will become one of zeefreaks’ student so i will never become a hype victim again anymore.Goodluck.

    1. Hi Jay,

      I’m grateful you’re here with me on this journey. I hope we both make it. Kapit lang. Can I publish this comment? Or do you wait it private?

      I’m certain we can recover our losses one step at a time. Painful and awkwardnat first, but, eventually we’ll get there. Walang susuko ha? Pero this time, di na tayo magpapaloko. 🙂


      1. Hi celeste sorry it took me so long to reply.yup you can my share my comment so others can be enlightened too.

  2. I am at lost for words dear…. but thank you for making me feel better, just knowing that i am not alone going through this kind of situation..

    1. J,

      It felt that way because no one else had a voice, and it wasn’t cool to feel sad or be ‘iyakin’. Well, it didn’t change the truth, right? Admit, accept, fix. I’m in it with you.


      1. no need to be sad celeste, before i would always be gigil to take back what i’ve lost only to lose more of it.. tomorrow is another day.. I’ve come to realize that trading is not about the money, its about building your character and the money just comes second as a reward.. We may be “ipit” for now, but for me, that price is still to cheap to pay for the person that i have become today..

    1. Wizz,

      I can only promise to show you my journey. You might see both my mistakes and my winning trades. Glad to know you walk with me.


  3. Hi! We pretty much have the same story. The music you shared was also the one I’m listening when I lost hope. Definitely agree with this, “It all begun when I lost hope.”. We can overcome this. Sometimes pain is necessary for learning.

    1. Shang,

      I agree. To be honest, I would not have learned if it didn’t cut me deep. We can overcome this. Walk with me.


  4. Loved your piece Dating Mr. Stocks, Celeste. Finally, I thought to myself, a female trader who’s open and generous enough to share her experiences. I’m sure you can agree that the trading scene seems to be dominated by males. While I don’t mean to sound sexist, I just find their trading euphemisms (ejak..wth lol) off-putting.

    Rooting your fast (and imminent) financial recovery,

    1. Luna,

      Maybe we must form a sisterhood! My first culture shock upon entering this trade is how the participants speak! I was overwhelmed with men in their natural habitat. It got so bad I was afraid I might start talking like how they do, and that would warrant a quick slap from my conservative grand mother. It’s wonderful to know I’m not alone, and you exist.


  5. Celeste,

    Your journey is our journey. I am glad you went bold against those monsters. We are victims. We will fight. We will win.


    1. ABC,

      Thank you. I suppose it’s a start! It can get reaaally interesting from here, but I’m hoping for something good. I’ll try to be as honest as I could, no matter how ugly.

  6. Mass psychology is something to be mastered along the way. Some people learned it the hard and end up paying premium tuition fee in the stock market (due to losses). It is there fore recommended that 50% of your investible funds should go to dividend stocks, 30% to growth stocks and 20% to speculation. Learning how to determine intrinsic value of a company for both dividend & growth stock. Speculation is a bit harder but can be learned and you can beat the big boys in some stocks.

      1. All it takes is great desire, everything else follows. All you have to do is give in to those desires.

        All will be well, Celeste. Woosah.

  7. Hi Celeste,

    I admire you for having the courage to write your trading journey. I’ll definitely follow your post for I feel the same way as you do. I’ve been in the market for 6 months only and on the losing position but somehow manageable. Fortunately I was armed not only on TA and FA but also the emotional aspect of stock trading. In your future post, hope we can share together our market sentiments both bearish and bullish.

    Never Give Up!


  8. It takes lot of time and effort to be a successful trader. When i started trading, i spent about 2 years learning the charts and what factors gonna affect the market. During this time i paper-traded..meaning doing simulation trading cuz i dont wanna lose money while not completely understanding the mechanics of trading and the market. Finally i had a good idea of the market and could very well tell where the market’s gonna go. My message is…learn the basics like candlestick, macd, support/resistance, volume, etc You dont need other people to tell u esp in FB . And u gotta be a wide reader of news, events, even catastrophes as they influence the market! Ok goodluck Here’s a parting word: The market is full of vultures…dont get devoured!

  9. Hi Celeste,thanks for sharing the blog.hope you can teach me too,my actually studying and studying more and more and i focus on Zeefreaks Blogs. Gusto ko na umuwi sa pinas at maging full time trader..thanks and God Bless..

  10. hello Celeste, I have been reading your blog for 2 weeks now and I believe we have the same pattern, everything fundamental, feeling technical, losing emotional. wew. I am trying to learn on my own reading blogs of Zee’s students and also some TA books.

  11. I lost some with trading too. Over a hundred too. Now, I stepped back and trying to find other ways to gain the upper hand. It’s not just about trading and the amount you lost or gain but the experience. You can always scale things up. Right now, I am selling dating memberships and media subscriptions that pay me a few bitcoins. 🙂

    Also, I have started to create a blog about my passion just to relieve some stress and strain from my day job.

    You can check my blog about upcoming books at https://readitify.com and I am following you now in your blog. Glad I found you. 🙂


  12. Dear Celeste,

    Just want to say thank you for writing about your journey. More than the knowledge I learned on the art of trading, what I appreciate more is the style of writing — raw, genuine, beautiful.

    I certainly enjoyed reading all your posts. Please continue writing. Thank you and may you continue to pursue with abandon what your soul asks of you.

  13. Ms. Celeste, Thank you for sharing your thoughts, emotions, passion, and experience. I know that as a ZFT member you are a great trader.

    Indeed, you are also a good writer, you easily connect with your readers, enticing them to read continuously (I’ve finished your blog in 4-days).

    You are an inspiration. Never stop influencing traders.


  14. Hi Celeste,

    I’m with you at this moment i just lost a sum of 25k, for me its already a huge sum because I’m just a regular employee. I dont want to quit yet, this is what i dreamed of. I’d like to move on and just charged it to my experience. Thank your for sharing your stories. Keep on inspiring us.!

  15. ganun ba talaga si ms market you need to become a looser first before you reach your goal sa ngayon i am a big looser.. It’s hard to think how can i recover all my loses..

  16. Hi, Celeste!

    The link from Zeefreaks’ blog led me here.

    As I was reading yours, I just can’t help but be teary-eyed. You have well put into words what I truly feel inside. Just the thought of dealing the losses alone (as I have no one to share it with) already upsets me. Everyone around me belongs to the 99%. They are all skeptical that I can make money in stocks. Someday, I will prove them wrong.

    I’m not giving up… as of this writing, my port is at 17k paper loss + some real loss.

    But I’m learning through blogs and videos from Youtube. I just need to believe that I can.

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