My dreams made me lose people and that’s okay

I lost a lot of people on my ongoing journey to reach the top.

I lost opportunities to become friends with people who are kind and simple… because I was worried that they would slow me down or worse, make me forget my goals.

I lost people who could have been good team mates if I weren’t a threat to their own ambition, because they believe there is room for only one victor.

I lost people who I thought were my friends, I loved as my friends, protected as my friends… but were only there for what I can do for them.

I haven’t even counted the times I  lost the opportunity to be carefree because I’ve spent my time and energy on building my dreams.

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But the law of the universe is abundance, and I believe that.

What I have lost has been replaced.

I gained people who think the same way that I do. They have the same principles and integrity too.

I gained people who aren’t driven by fear and lack. They too went through the same circumstances of being used as a tool by those who are fearful of scarcity.

I gained people who have been betrayed as well and therefore swore to never allow history to repeat itself. We flock together and protect one another.

I gained mentors who saw the long and trying journey I have ahead. They are willing to help me get through it just like the way they did.

I gained a network I never would have if I stayed inside my comfort zone. I never would have reached out far and wide if I was coddled and comfortable and not rejected.

I gained opportunities present only to those who are wide awake searching.

I gained skills that could help me build over and over no matter how many times I fall.

Everything I lost was worth it because something better replaced it.

Whenever you wonder if you’re on the right track, take an honest inventory of what you have. If the people surrounding you now are more supportive, have better principles, and walk the talk, then no matter how uncomfortable it was to let other people go, know that it was NECESSARY for your own good.

Don’t be afraid of LOSING people. Very rarely will you die alone, being recluse is a choice you make, not an accident that happened. You are only clearing the time and energy so the things that will energize you can have the space it needs.

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Anything that costs you your peace of mind is too expensive.

It is adversity not comfort that will show you which way to go.

It is adversity that will give you the opportunity that comfort never will.

And it is triumph against these adversity that will give you satisfaction.

It is not in the absence of obstacles but in the victory

will we find happiness.

Easy for me to say now that some of it are over (until the next one comes).

It’s hard to think about these principles while it’s happening.

But you can only connect the dots in a month or in a year or in a decade from now. For the time being, we feel the pain and bravely face it. At times of uncertainty, when the lines are blurred between right or wrong, it is enough that we just do what we can at the best of our abilities.

Trusting that the Fates will steer us to the right direction.

What matters most, is we keep going.

Forever yours,


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  1. Hi, Celeste! This post says a lot of my experiences, too. Just like you, I am a dreamer and nothing can stop me from becoming who I want to be. But true enough, along the way, I lost some people and I gained a lot more.

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