Part 1: What to expect from Subasta IX


Congratulations. You made it. Behind the phases of subasta, I’m certain there were
unspoken moments of intensity that will never be forgotten. The decision to join, to follow through, and jump in finality did not come easy.

You have already displayed the first trait that will make you a little like ZF himself. You display the affinity for high-risk albeit calculated, and big moves full of tiny steps, with a little mix of blind faith.

A shout out to the universe. As the Roman poet Virgil said, “Audentis Fortuna iuvat”
otherwise translated as Fortune favors the bold.

You have just gained entry to one of the most elusive, secretive, and altruistic groups in the tiny sea of PSE. It is understandable that there has been deficient resources for you to manage your expectations or to set in the palette what world you’ve just stepped in to. It’s been designed that way.

Now that you’re going to be the last of the publicly envied subasta batch, much preparation has been done to set the bar the highest it has ever been and to push the limits farther than before.


This is only the beginning.

Your mentors will give more than they have ever given before.
This is their last. This is their legacy.

That being said, expect the intensity to double more than before, as will the height of
their expectations in your performance. You will be pulled, praised, criticized, for they
will invest something in you– their selves.

I wrote a letter to ZFT’s amazing pool of mentors and asked them to answer a set of
questions made ultimately to help you set your mind for the next few months and to assist you in maximizing your money’s worth.

Luck is with us for they happily obliged.

Let’s address YOUR expectations first. I have found a recurring theme in their answers. Consider this, these mentors are from different branches of ZFT- from Subasta, Seed, or Sparks/Bastards. In addition to that, they all came from an array of batches, and even with this diversity, they reverberate common themes of responses.


“The Subasta/course is…”

1. It’s mind-blowing.

I remember mine. I couldn’t sit still after learning what I did in class. Your eyes will
see patterns you never thought was there before, and it repeats again and again, at
different stocks and different time. I couldn’t believe how blind I was before, for not
having seen this by myself.

Sirius Lee put it aptly, this is “years of experience” from your mentors. Personal
experience, those they did the time for, filed and condensed to be passed down to you. It is their own mistakes, their own learning, their own research and back testing that has provided them consistent success.

“There will be a lot of eureka moments during the course.”- Sirius Lee

That being said, you’d be surprised that it’s actually…

2. It’s simple.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

– Albert Einstein

The topics will be suspiciously easy to understand, but don’t be fooled. That’s the essence why they’re the mentors. They have known the ins and outs of what they’re about to teach and they walk the talk.

There’s no secret to this. Making the concept digestible to everyone lies in the skill of
your teachers, your execution however is a different matter.

Now, there’s where the mismatch can be found, and why a number of students simmer in frustration. How can be something so simple be so hard?

3. It isn’t fun and games.

The bridge between theory and reality is hard work. It’ simple, yes, but difficult. The
difficulty is in the execution. The most important factor in the course isn’t the
technicals, but the psychological molding they will also provide.

“Expect lots of seat work and homework. Lots!” Timmy from Astra batch wrote. Boaris adds, “Expect to work your asses off. Your trading success is directly proportional to the amount of work you put into it.”

Timmy continues to say that entering the tribe does not instantly guarantee you of becoming a 6-figure profit trader. “It doesn’t work that way. Kailangan talaga ng hardwork. Dedication. If half-ass lang yung kaya nila ibigay, better if i-yield nalang nila slot nila sa iba willing to put in the extra effort.”

Brave Fencer echoes the same statement, “Don’t expect it to come easy. If it is then
everybody will be doing it. Plus don’t expect that the system will rake in the profits for

This isn’t magic or miracle. The bulk of the problem isn’t in the system in itself per se. Not the technical analysis as Henry Tan warns, “Discipline, correct state of mind, and various emotions will be your main challenges and not the entry/exit points.”

What are you going to learn?

You’re going to learn the system. The system is simple, yet it works most of the time. It will cover different situations, with no regards if the market is up or down. This is the most mind-blowing part of it.


A sword requires little thought on how it works. It does not demand complex explanation on how it can cut and where it should be wielded. It is merely piece of metal with a blunt side, a sharp edge, and a handle. It can both attack and shield.

You are an assassin, the system is your weapon. Understand– It is not a hired gun that can do your job for you.

You need to train yourself in using the system.
You need to have the capacity to wield it.
It is your mind, your body, your spirit that will fight with this weapon and your killing
field is the PSE.

Good luck.

Watch out for part 2:
13 ways to unlock your maximum potential as a student of the market

Forever yours,


I don’t know, I just remember being so… private… I guess.

Currently one of my favourites.

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