I confess… never be as good as ZFT


‘They want to see you do good, but never better than them.’

There has been so much hatred and vitriol for the tribe lately, and like a drug I consumed it. Guilty of the toxic attachment it has on me, I was always in between flights of emotion. I knew Zee could handle it. I met him at the peak of the same word war and constant threats against his legal existence. He brushed it off easy. So while I was mostly carefree and guilty of living in my bubble, far from the madness, there were bouts wherein I want to speak my mind.

This is one of those.

Well, I’d like to start with a little gratitude. After all, this has been an amazing publicity for ZFT. Truth is, mid last year, I was already worried by the lack of presence we have in reaching out to the ‘public’. The tribe has grown considerably well and we’ve already been immersed in trying to strengthen from within. There were way too many events that was exclusive to those on the inside that people started to feel ‘alienated’.

I don’t think anyone in this competitive world can cut off their touch with the reality of the public and still stay relevant.

The past few weeks has been intense, but it worked towards our favor. The name is widely being spread around, people are curious, and so they decide to take a peek.

Thanks for these, trolling ‘haters’. Your envy has achieved nothing but spread our name. Your obsession has served us very well.

Breakout 😉

Now that the niceties are done, you might wander here wondering what silly little Celeste is talking about. If you’re completely unaware, then joy is with you, because poison is in the air— and it has not touched your house.

There are a group of tasteless gentlemen, some hiding under the facade of being women, trying to be the ‘savior’ of the poor, lost, hapless souls. They do this by spreading (hilariously) wrong information typewritten in caps, wrong grammar, and painfully awful word spelling. What can I say? This attracts the masses.

But that’s alright. ZFT isn’t for the mass anyway. We specifically aim to think differently than they do, the majority of the populace. You should know why by now. If you still believe you have to be a part of the majority of the traders to make money in the stock market, then bad news, darling, it’s the other way around.


The chutzpah of the youth is what allowed you to rebel in your teenage years. I don’t even know what it is you did or wanted to do, but you had the zeal to break the rules as if you’re the unbendable one, and danger is so, so far away. One time, you had a crazy haircut that makes you look back now in a mix of affection and horror.

At a blink of an eye, you’ve aged. The young ones today who like you fondly call you an ‘adult adult’. The problem is the laurels you’ve rested on your head has decayed, and what you were once, a royalty or a known name, is no longer even recognized.

You don’t notice… Or maybe you do.
But you’re too lazy to even do anything about it, and simply demand the rest of the world to maintain their respect on you, as well as their recognition.

The newblood don’t even know who you are.

You’re no different from Nokia or blackberry or friendster. Those we reigned king for a time, did not evolve, and died forgotten.

Innovate or die. Catch up from a world that never stopped spinning, or get left behind.

You’re stuck in a forum I thought was long gone. The last few people who respect you, and are still actively in the game, are so numbered and few.

Bitterly, you look at one of them and in envy, engage in prideful arrogance and call everyone else idiots for listening to the guy. He looked up to you when he was still beginning, and you must have probably adored him a little, this youngster when he was nothing but a kid who still had a lot to learn.

Now he’s become better and now you hate him.

You know what that is? That is success.

“Work so hard until your idols become your rivals.”

And you, good sir, has been too lazy to be relevant, and now become too arrogant to even hold your position worthy of respect.

Down you go, forgotten and despised. You’re nothing but cheap noodles with thick broth. Halfway in the middle of consumption, everyone’s already regretting they had too much.

Some ramen are delicious, while some others can cause indigestion


What’s the problem with someone young who made it? Do they reflect your insecurity or your lack of hustle when you were that age?

Do you remember you had to do it for so much longer? Had to be in the grind for more years than they did?

But did you even risk as much as the newbloods did?

Or do they represent everything in you that you never had the guts to do?

Just because you couldn’t do it, that doesn’t mean someone else can’t. In the end, you only have yourself to blame for your lack of capability and excess of envy.

Spit and spew your acid, we will watch you choke on the taste of your own bitterness. Anyway, it doesn’t do any difference. While you seethe in anger over our success, spending ungodly hours of restless obsession, we sleep well tonight with the money we made from trading the market.

You’ve been spending too much time focusing on us, while we focus and master our craft.

In the end, who won?


ZF’s two portfolio out of three

As parting words, I say this with all my tender love and concern… You know what they say? Be better not bitter. That’s if you can.

Respectfully yours,

Maybe I’m wrong but…


This is for you. Might start a fire in you that would make you want to progress, instead of hate those who are blazing their own way.

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  1. Dear Celeste,

    I have been following your blog ever since I was introduced to Zee. You are an excellent writer, and what marvels me more is how you were able to connect that with your identity as a trader. Like you (and everyone else who came to Zee), I am buried in losses (i dont know if you still are). But unlike you, I did not have the benefit of having a mentor, let alone Zee, or being part of his tribe. I and Zee chat from time to time, but other than the little advice he gives here and there, no more.

    Celeste, I’m really trying to stand up again from my fall. And I realized that writing relieves a lot of the regret and failure I feel for my trades. Lately, I’ve written an open letter for Artha. I wanted to share this to you, since part of this was inspired by your writings.


    Knowing that you read this would mean so much to me. Thank you for sharing your story to us. Someday, mine would be known as well.

    Always yours,
    The Idiosyncratic Trader

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