The Beginning

A man called Arthur, who wrote his post-course confession, told me recently he wishes he knew about ZFT earlier. I echo his sentiments. It was late last year when it began. The market has a way of stripping us of our ego, and if one is an egotistical man, then he can wrongly be of... Continue Reading →


Swinging $PXP

  "What's that?" I said while I hurriedly prepare for work. I was in cash position, avoiding the markets as I have been on emotional excess the past days. Purge ka muna, he gently urged me. But I already did before he said it. It was only about a day of trading that I missed,... Continue Reading →

God, are you there?

Hi. Are you there? Can you stay for a moment? I know you're really busy, but just for a few minutes tonight I want to feel like I'm not alone. The stars are so pretty. It's nice to think that maybe they were made for me to gaze at while I lie flat on my back, broken and... Continue Reading →

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