Scribe Chronicles: $NOW part 2


He’s on overdrive all the time, that’s how I see things, but then I interpret according to how I feel presently which makes it biased, and therefore, mistaken at times. I could no longer breathe from all my undertakings. Most predominantly, my thoughts.

I’ve always believed myself to be my sole enemy towards my success. My head is constantly buzzing, filling in with thoughts, hopes, anxieties, and I feel all of it,

all at the same time,

all the time.


A woman felt the edges of the old concrete on her toes crumble down the city beneath her as she balances from a ledge. She wore white, old and tattered.

She didn’t look any different than the rest– A human being prone to mistakes and lucky chances. But she was born with wings so large and so great it could take her anywhere she needs to if only it didn’t self-destruct every moment she tried to spread it.


High above the city, the world beneath spun. The wind getting stronger. From up here, nothing seemed to matter even if she couldn’t fly tonight.

It was the same way at different moments every day she tried. Sometimes herself is enough, sometimes someone have to hold her together.

It can be anything. A late night phone call from a friend that would last until 5 in the morning, or bagels and cream cheese, her mother’s voice, a stranger’s kind smile upon passing.

Or at days like these, it was Z.


now vs brn odds favor
A little less spoon-fed this time but still making sure I’m at the right direction. He spoke in riddles but with no assurance. Letting a baby crawl towards her own direction, constantly picking her up when she’s about to hurt herself.

He made me make a choice. I could be wrong, but atleast I had to think for myself. Eventually, in his hopes, I woulnd’t even need to know which one points North.

closing safest
He asks me questions until I am almost monotonous in the decision-making, performing only cursory, emotionless, mechanical proceedings until it becomes a habit.

I have to make the right choices. Mistakes are forgivable only if I made sure I learned. Aside from that, he tries to test my mindset progress.

hahaha is quitely judging me, on ssi.png
whew! hallelujah right?!

At the end of the day, I bought a bit of $NOW. I didn’t get as much as I wanted. That day was the buying day, it seems. It’s when we watch a stock’s movement, see if it moves to the right direction, buy it if it passes the criteria we’re looking for.

The real money comes the next day.

Disclaimer: Not all plays are like this. There’s a sense of versatility for each, according to what trade you’re trying to accomplish. This one specifically was trading a pullback.

After market hours, he checked on me if I actually DID what I know.

nakabili ka sa closing.png
haha ! ha! ha! ha… 😐 sorry

Well, I can’t just leave it at that right? I got all worked up with the idea that I made the right choice and all, and I have nothing to show for? I proudly told him that I’m going to buy at the opening instead!

gap up plan

Take your calculated risk. Think about all the possibilities that could happen, and make a plan for each.


The next day was game day. It did gap up as he expected but higher. With the strength of $NOW’s momentum, I ended up chasing the price but closely watching it.

Still, seeing how BRN might do the next day what NOW was doing that day, I got tempted.

so tempting make sure not emotional trade


After buying BRN shares which was only about 1/3 of my exposure compared to NOW. I focused on NOW, adjusting my trailing stops very closely. My basis of entering was in the minutes chart, hence, my exit must be based on that as well.

support to watch sold half.png

Almost immediately, it bounced back.

after sold half, crude system
Or rather, I’m so matakutin

While watching $NOW, I almost entirely had forgotten about watching BRN which wasn’t very volatile that day.

Unfortunately, activity was happening while I wasn’t looking.

sold all BRN.png

Thinking about it now, maybe the best way to remedy it is focus and experience, no? I’m too lenient with my positions.

superman effect.png


Since he’s on a roll, he then asked me about another position I wasn’t giving enough attention to that he strongly disapproved of. (I know, I know. Quite stubborn.)

It was an ugly duckling compared to the super stocks that have been flying all around.

The only reason I favor it  is its history of giving me good gains in the past. I was hoping it would make a good run again.

what are your plans for ani.png

Uh-oh. Lagot.

you know what to do.png

Alas, I submit myself and did what is expected of me.

The man knows my positions better than I do. This is again one thing why he’s a sought-after mentor.

He took a lot of hits from people criticizing how much traders pay to get into his program. But you see, those traders dictate the price, and they’re willing to pay up to a point where they think he’s still worth it.

I have only shown you partially of how he guides me. Imagine an entire program from the man alongside Kidlat, another excellent persona.

this wasnt your trade.png

In the end, I made good money from NOW but lost more from BRN and the other stock. Still, I learned a lot.

However, if you ask him, this is all he’s got to say.

right questions

Let that sink in. Review this post if you must. Next time we trade, let’s ask ourselves all the right questions.


Hello, ladies and gents! Celeste’s been busy-busy. How are your April trades? Mine was such a roller coaster ride that I’ve decided to halt for a moment and finish everything else I’ve put aside in my life. The distractions aren’t helping me make any killer trades anyway.

I hope every one is holding up from this hellish heat. I’m worried about the polar bears.

Zee is actually trading while having his month long holiday somewhere. So while we crave for air conditioning, he’s lounging in his fleece elsewhere. As usual, he sends me picture of food he’s eating. Most of which are mushrooms.


Me being me.


Take care. 🙂



Forever yours,


I love music that gives me hope. This song, for example, gets my love and admiration because it might have saved a few lives (who knows?). If you can create something, why not make something in this world that would give people more hope? This world needs more healers. We already have enough–maybe too much– built around us and every one is already hurting.

For a moment, smile at a stranger today. Maybe you can be their difference between a good day and a bad.


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  1. Woow Rooting for ZEEleste 🙂 parang hindi lang stock learnings meron dito ah, may kasamang love story pa ata 🙂

  2. I’m learning a lot! Your blog is heaven sent. I’m not gonna lie; I’ve read ZF’s blog posts but I have to keep going back before I can fully understand what he’s talking about. And I hope it’s not wrong to say (or feel) na kinikilig ako sa posts mo. I can’t help it!

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