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I don’t know where to take you. I’ve always thought I should write about the entire thing. Self-study is high worthy of praise, but having a mentor changes the entire game.

Zee is a human being. He makes mistakes. One time, he overslept too and had to cut some positions when he woke up.

I find comfort in that.

Not that I revel in another person’s weakness, but I enjoy the humanity in every one of us, and that someone who makes the same mistakes I do still got to a point where I want to be- It gives me hope.

I’ve promised to write about my trading experience and he’s a gigantic part of it. I’ll keep writing like this. In bits and pieces.

Hoping this helps you out as much as he helped me.

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”

– Henry Adams


On random days, I get deal stocks from Zee. Only if it tickles his fancy, and maybe he can so why not? The currency exchanged is chocolates. So far, in the scoreboard, I owe him a box of Ferrero.

This doesn’t usually happen though. One of the tribe members wrote about the ZF candle once before and how even the members of the tribe try to avoid it. I’ve thought that it was just another troll thing. Surely, someone can not create that much chaos? Besides, at some of Zee’s screenshots, he did sell carefully.

Oh but how naive of me. We battle it out here. You do what you need to do to win the type of war you’re presented.


As I have posted, the week began entirely awful for me. I had turned one of my forthrunners and my “pet” stock from a 15k gain to a 30k loss. Obviously I lay at fault for that, I trusted it too much when it was showing weakness hence, got out too late when it finally reared its ugly head.

“Darvas principle kasi yan. The bulls are trapped.” That’s all he got to say. Zee doesn’t spoonfeed. He abhors that, so I also easy it with the “why?”. Sometimes I stare at a 6 words response and have to think for myself what the heck he meant.


2 days ago, while dozing off in the middle of a hot day, he announced his thoughts on whether he should play with an alpha set-up.

buy or not

It was public knowledge that he had cut about 1.7 million recently. What they didn’t know was that he was in between traveling around places with his family and only traded using his phone. This, along with his huge volume, makes him either insane or incredibly good.

What can I say? He surely loves his risk. Uncapable of conversation, I cheered him on instead with one of my eyes shut.

By the time he asked if I wanted a go for it, I was already fast asleep.



Yesterday early in the morning didn’t seem special. He sent a picture of his breakfast which consisted of heaven and tocino. He was out of town with his family.

I still don’t understand how he could have about 10 million exposure to the market, and can still flit through his numerous chat boxes and skype conversations. However, I just understand that during market hours, I try not to disturb him and so I understand if he’s silent for a while.

A few hours later, his usual friendly ‘tone’ changed. It became decisive and authoritative.


You see, when he says things like this, I don’t question. Would you? I was in the middle of work and couldn’t even check the chart. I got in anyway and we left it at that.

5 minutes after, the ascent was explosive. I stared in amazement. I joked about how he got richer again today, prompting him to send a day change screenie.

day change
Just in case you get confused– that’s his.

My gain was peanuts compared to his but I was transfixed and almost celebrating. The pain of my recent mistakes, however, kept me in check.

After a while, packing my bags ready to head home after a day’s work, I messaged him back telling him how it broke 2.20. I never took my eyes off of my phone’s screen.

He wasn’t even looking anymore. Sending, instead, pictures of a mickey mouse plant.



By the end of the day, his paper gains were enough for his recent losses to be wiped clean plus half a million more net gain from a single trade with conviction.

As a way to celebrate, Zee bought a gift… for his father. πŸ™‚ A pretty speaker his dad liked because he’s into “lights and sounds”.

There lies the difference between every one else and him, huh?


In the evening of the same day, during some of our regular banters, he suddenly asked questions.

surprise recitation.png

I won’t lie, I get nervous when he does! This is what a mentor can do to you. It aligns your thinking and forces you to focus. He made sure I have a plan.

Can you see what he was focused on? My exit points. Since the beginning, Zee stressed that the exit is the most important part of a trade whether it was for cutting losses or for taking profits.


I woke up for the stock market today and prepared. Obviously, I was excited. Like a kid on her first day of elementary school, I even took the time to butter myself up with the hype all over social media. Every one seems to be happy.


That doesn’t sound good.

Anxious again, I monitored the stock using minutes chart. After spiking up to 2.30+ I was having a mini-party.

I didn’t expect the next thing that happened.

sell now
In under a minute, I was done. I act fast. I have to! You either jump or get crushed by indecision, specially on a wildly volatile stock. I didn’t understand what it was for. I thought it was consolidating well and strongly at the 2.20+ area.

And then it dawned on me. Good God, he’s going to lock in.


zf was here

zf candle.jpg
xoxo, ZeeFreaks (signed)


Makes you glad you weren’t at the receiving lane of that blow right? I mused on how many times before I’ve been on the other side of the ZF Was Here candle. I bit my lip and shook my head, I dodged a bullet right there.

I started to think about how the other traders who took that hit must be feeling, but it was pretty easy to find out. The number of people crying over social media and the anxiety spread like wildfire. The party halted. The gurus have to issue reassurance posts.

Loyalty checks were abound.

ZeeFreaks, however, and most of the tribe members who participated have already moved out leaving nothing but minute candles of their excellent show of skills.

Out again for their next hunt.


Take home story message. Let this sink in.

Think forward considering that anytime, someone can sell down. Get out.

It was only a matter of doing it first. So he acted.

sell on that support

The marketplace is after all a zero-sum game and he didn’t put millions of his money if he’s not playing to win.

Get out before someone with huge volume can confirm a breakdown-waiting-to-happen with a decision to sell-down.


Well, that’s about a taste of the kind of mentorship I receive. Small slices that will only work if I work. Come to think of it, life really is like that.

I hope you all made good money this week. To be honest, I didn’t do that well! I hope yours are all better. <3




Forever yours,



chin up

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  1. That 2M in BRN, next big thing. πŸ™‚
    Congrats on the gains! Well deserved. πŸ™‚
    Hope you learned a lot on that lesson by zee. Master it, and see your profits grow. Don’t forget also to share your blessings! πŸ™‚

  2. Ah syet, ZF moved to BRN! Now I have to be wary of when he decides to sell 2mil shares to avoid his candle or as he said, support break which will trigger the waterfall ;___;

    Thanks for sharing this my friend. As always, it was a pleasure.

    P.S. let’s have a mini party, I have officially won back all my losses since I started late last year πŸ™‚ here’s to a clean slate!


  3. Hi Celeste! Great blog! but what really captures me are the songs you posted at the end of your blog. We have the same taste in music. πŸ™‚ May I know more what’s in your playlist? :p

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