Scribe Chronicles: $ARA

It all started with this. We both had FNI. It was my discretion to buy. I didn't know he had it until the market was about to close and he bid us both luck. The next day, the trades were slow-- painfully slow compared to the day before. Day 1 of bounce!, he cheerily said. Are... Continue Reading →


Scribe Chronicles: $ISM

  My superplay just took a super punch to the gut. It could not, for the life of me, fly. Every darn third liner had their moment and this stock had not. It reminds me of the snobby genius kid at school who is just about to make a breakthrough and change the world but... Continue Reading →

Scribe Chronicles: $NOW part 2

He's on overdrive all the time, that's how I see things, but then I interpret according to how I feel presently which makes it biased, and therefore, mistaken at times. I could no longer breathe from all my undertakings. Most predominantly, my thoughts. I've always believed myself to be my sole enemy towards my success.... Continue Reading →

Scribe Chronicles: $NOW

I don't know where to take you. I've always thought I should write about the entire thing. Self-study is high worthy of praise, but having a mentor changes the entire game. Zee is a human being. He makes mistakes. One time, he overslept too and had to cut some positions when he woke up. I... Continue Reading →

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