Chapter 3: Celeste Gets Involved


The story I’m about to tell you may or may not be true. After all, I’m just a girl babbling under water.


It was in the middle of a hot day in December and I didn’t even know why I was outside at 12 noon. I was supposed to pick up some papers at a city an hour drive away from mine. As you can imagine, there was not a lot of people outside. Collective thoughts over climate change and how the summer heat can be felt 4 months early are abound and ‘siesta’ over the holiday air was prevalent.


I didn’t have a lot of time, but I promised myself I had to trade more. I don’t remember if it was a good day to trade then but ever since the fall of January 2015, sheeps get slaughtered in blood baths all the time. Maybe it was a green day, and I was all-cash, but the entire truth is sheeps don’t get hit on green days, but neither do we make money. It was probably just some breathing space left for us to not take any beating, for a change, from the days we were black-and-blue from the fight.

A particular stock was banging clamors all around the social media. People posted gratitude over the stock, and human as I am, I tried my best not to get envious, but I did and I felt it in my flesh and bones.

Strong stock, I told Zee, and a number of people I talk to. I don’t want to enter it though! So risky how it’s flying high.

There were thoughtful responses as usual but at the end of the day, my mistake of omission costed me an opportunity I’ve lost when the stock soared higher and higher.

And then it tanked.

For a week now, the stock was consolidating at the highs. My eyes are blind to this but I was in the middle of ‘deals’ with Zee and high-class chocolates were the chips in our little game.

That day, he messaged me and said ‘It’s breaking out. You wanna take the deal? Enter once it breaks out.” And maybe it was that nagging little voice in my head, a small ego, too much pride that pushed me into wanting something out of one thing every one got a gift from.

Finally, finally! Making it to Santa’s list! Even if it was after Christmas.

For our convenience, let’s call the stock HRV. HRV was breaking 6 then, only around before noon. The buying spree was palpable even from my screen, and I could hear voices cheering for it as it went on.

Only 100,000 shares barring the resistance line. Buy! Buy! It was all over my feed.

Funds kept buying eating away as sellers placed their ask price, it kept going.

25,000 left. 10,000 left.
And then… a break out.

Was that a breakout? I asked Zee.
Yes, he said. Go for it if you want.

AND, by God, did I do. I went ALL IN. I suppose the stupid have the courage! It was then noon, and the market halted.

I felt giddy with excitement.

Finally on Santa’s list.


At 2 pm that day, I was unsuccessful with securing the papers I went out for, I was sweating like a bald man in Miami, and the stock price fell down faster than a criminal on the run.

How rapidly? from 6.5 to 5.7 in a matter of minutes. Welcome to the stock market, welcome to the bear season. What’s on the menu? Slaughtered sheep… Again! I was stunned and frustrated. My broker kept hanging on me and I couldn’t cut, to make matters worse, my phone was at 3% battery life.

My throat was parched and I could not understand what to feel. It was hot outside but the pressure inside of me intensified.

I’ve resigned my fate to the world. There we go again. I guess I’m still too naughty to make it to the list.


Then, my phone died.


I placed my legs up on the wall that night I got home and tried to relax. Thank God for airconditioning. My phone was chrging at the table beside my bed and my laptop was open near me. This made for a very awkward position.

I typed in slowly that I wasn’t able to cut. Zee was alarmed, ofcourse, because he knew how precarious I am at that moment. The next moves were entirely up to me and my pain levels. If it was him, I knew he’d cut without hesitations, take a walk, and eat some chocolates.

But I wasn’t something like him… yet.
So he made me decide for myself.


The next coming days, the stock took a dip for the worse and I watched helplessly as it did, until finally it stopped and tanked and tanked, maintaining a certain level.

It was at this state when I met someone who knew about the jockey play.


Chiko have the crazy curly tuft of a hair that decided to do what it wanted to do despite his best intentions. He was the kind of guy that breezed in some air of coolness and good vibes. If he was music, he’d be reggae without the dreads and jazz without the suit.


No one would think he was highly involved in the uppity world of the stock market, let alone be intensely connected with some of the sharks. In fact, I did not.

It was only at one time, during a casual conversation, that he loosely talked about HRV. I know he made some good money in it, but I was only beginning to understand how much rooted he really was.

“I’m back at HRV”, he said. My heart skipped a beat. It has been weeks since the stock moved into anything of significance and all my money– my entire buying power– was it’s hostage.

“Why?”, I asked back, trying not to sound too interested.

“Oh they’re going to jack that up very soon, it’s not just about some seasonal play, but the top investors in it are sitting on massive losses at the 50s level and the CEO is performing a rescue play.”

“You know this how?” I laughed a little. It sounded like crazy talk, typical of Chiko who I got to know was a dreamer.

“Armani is manipulating it. You do know him right? Seen him around? Every thing… everything that… well, see that day it hit 6? Then 5.7? The core people have been holding since 2s, and every thing that happened has been accounted for.”

He was starting to sound serious and I was beginning to believe him, “So you mean, every thing in the chart… was drawn? That sounded like some hype man over facebook would say.”

“Well,” He replied. “Not every thing if you mean every trade, but the bulk of the price control is his since majority of the float is held by him and his comrades.”

“Comrades, you mean you?” I grinned.

He smiled back. “By a select few people.”

I started confessing that I was stuck on the top and he listened to me patiently as I narrated how I tried to cut the losses slowly as the stock inches up.

“You know what? You don’t believe me? Stay put. I’ll let you in a world you’ve never seen before. And it may be a bit unfair, Celeste, but I don’t make the rules here… I just play by it.”

And then he added, “Maybe you should too.”

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Well, I hope you enjoyed that bit. 🙂 It was only the beginning of what felt like forever. I’ll write again very soon but I have to pace myself. After all, you never know, it still might be on play. 😉



Forever yours




You’re welcome 😉

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  1. Did it ever occur to you that you may have been playing basketball (pse market) but all along you are built for volleyball (other markets)?

    In the PSE, the only way for you to make money is if the stock goes up.

    In the options market, you can make money if the stock goes up, goes sideways, goes down a little.

    Open up your world. Watch the tastytrade channel in youtube.

    Good luck dear

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