Chapter 1: A Deal is Made



The story I’m about to tell you may or may not be true. After all, I am just a girl babbling under water.

But from here, I see.

Oh do I see.

Every one wants to be a part of a jockey play, an insider tip, or a syndicate moving as a group to reign. Not every one has the privilege to witness it firsthand.

I have.


Have you ever noticed how quiet it is right before an earthquake? And then suddenly, the world shifts.

A man, unapologetically nondescript, probably in his 40s left his morning table that day. He knew it was going to be a big day.

He kissed his wife and kissed his kids. “I’ll be back late tonight.”, he said.
A typical family man with graying hair.

Outside, under the scrutiny of the public, he was always in his suit. He had an image to follow and a position to maintain. Even if he did look quite forgettable, he knew this to be his advantage.

Market makers do not want to stand out and be remembered.


It all begins with a decision. The decision from the biggest man in the corporation and the necessity to have things done.

Did they just say dreaming is free? Only by the dreamers. The people who ever took action knew the price to pay for dreaming. Sweat, blood, tears, grit, and sacrifice.

And a dozen of prayers whispered in between nervous faith.

According to his contacts, this was the man to talk to. The stock market is one of the best ways to raise funds for his company, and his company was expanding rapidly. He wanted to tell the man this, in between his growing anxiety, as he patiently awaits his arrival.

He looks young for a CEO, but that only partly concealed that he was not. When he dipped his head to think, his age reveals himself, not with how he looked. But the lines appear, years after years of facing intricacies only a very small group of elites could understand. After all, he wasn’t known by his friends to relax.


The sky was the good kind of cloudy that day and there was the kind of breeze that made you want to walk around the Central Business District. In fact, he almost didn’t mind if it rained a bit. As much as he was nervous, he couldn’t help but feel quite excited as well. Business is business, and he’s been doing this for years.


The jazz playing from the surround speakers provided their usual soothing relief. The coffee shop, even during lunch hour, had a controlled environment to it. Precisely why he chose it.

A man with grayish hair walked in the establishment. He scanned the surroundings a bit and stopped right when he saw him.

It was not hard for him to locate the man they call Thunder. He was lean, smart-looking, and was dressed in a perfectly tailored suit.

“Arthur”, He said. As he walked across the room to greet him.
Arthur stood up to shake his hand stretched in anticipation. “Senyor Armani.”

He had a firm handshake.

An hour and 2 cups of coffee later, and the deal was sealed.


Armani liked the gentleman. He reminded him of himself on a different light. They both rose up from struggles that could have only been overcome by courage.

“I want you to jack up my stock.”

Armani knew what he was there for but he still needed to hear it.

The first thing he wanted to know was whether or not the plan have something sustainable in it. Armani knew that if you watched closely the DNA of superstocks, the big movements happened before an announcement was made. Again, technical analysis started a Question, and the fundamental analysis supplied the answer.

But first a question must be asked.

“Yes”, Arthur said. “A lot factors are in it. In a few months, speculations will help you pump it up. History knows how my company’s stock can perform during this… ‘special’ phase in our country.”

He nodded in understanding. He’s been around the market long enough to understand what the man meant.

“Anything else?”

Arthur smiled. “Well,” He said enigmatically. “It doesn’t rain very much but we have big friends in  Asia.”

Businessman silhouette

The market makers, in my limited knowledge of this, do not usually lurk social media. Only a very few number does. This man, however, is well-positioned to do what he does. I’d rather not talk about where he could be found, as the people who need him already know how to. If you don’t, then you have no use for him.

He understood TA and FA as if it was his dayjob. Maybe it is? (Hmmm.) He’s been strategically chosen to execute this and he has been doing it for a while now- A hired gun. And we all thought hired guns were brutish and gun-wielding.

In the information age, the market maker’s weapon is his knowledge, his position, and his charisma.

That day, Armani went home to prepare. It’s going to be a long time from now, but patience, after all, is a part of his job.

The wheels have been set in motion.

His wife asked him how his day went, and he told her that we could use a little rain.


I hope you all enjoyed reading this first part, I have to write this in parts as I have recently found out that it’s a long riveting story with many pieces.


The next chapter is called The Syndicate Moves.



Forever yours,

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