12 ways the stock market has changed me


One way or another, the stock market is life-changing. If it had not made you in for a rude awakening,then you’re not in it too deep.

I haven’t made the transition into full-time trading but ever since I’ve met Miss Market, life just isn’t the same. 🙂

So here, I’ve listed down 12 things that Miss Market changed for better or for worse.

1. I’ve decided I hate the weekday holidays.

First of all, we have SO much. Why does it have to be this much? That’s too much! The last time I ever benefited from this was when I was still at the university. My job is immune from holidays or typhoons. It doesn’t help that I’m an OFW too.

shock gif
What do you mean… l-long holiday?

What about the gaaame? We only get 5/7 in a week already, how could they deprive us of more! It’s turning my sleeper plays into Princess Aurora. Enough already!

What about making money? ;_;


2. What in the world is sunlight?

It must be mysterious to be outside during the day. Traders are either trading during the day, and studying for their next during the night. By the time it’s off hours, the sun is setting. Facebook, 9gag, reddit, youtube makes it so much worse.

The sun, we hatez it

I have a severe case of Vitamin D deficiency that my doctor prescribed supplementation.

And just in case, you’re wondering, it tastes exactly like hard liquor. Woohoo all you hedonistic party animals! Now we can pretend we have a night life too!

3. Cents never meant so much until now.

Paying for 90 cents difference in real life at its best is simply meh. It just doesn’t matter! That’s why all clothing apparels are piced at xx.99 php because we don’t mind the darn little cents.

Bought at 9.1, every one else is at 9.60ish

In the stock market, however, the difference is so crucial that buying at 2.05 and buying at 2.96 is almost like trasversing from Laguna to Katipunan. There’s the universe squeezed in between their spaces, or atleast, that’s how it feels.

I have renewed respect for this, and I’ve realized how much tiny things can mean so big at a proper perspective… Or volume. 😉

4. I stopped seeing normal bar and line charts the same way again.

My eyes used to glaze over charts, take in the necessary information, and leave. It’s no longer this way. I forget to even look at the elements and start looking for higher highs, lower lows, or some sort of divergence! It’s almost second nature.

I knew it, bearish divergence on Ber months for muffinland

I see a chart, I suddenly get alert and feel compelled to inspect. That’s okay, I guess, my trading profits will fund my psychiatrist’s appointments.

5. Sudden awareness of companies’ existence.

Before all of this, I understood companies in a very layman way. They’re those with tiny logos attached to their products and there’s probably about 5 people who are very rich because of that. Oh, their factory must be somewhere down south! With lots of steels and workers wear white jumpsuits and face masks. It’s funny now that I think about it.

Now, every where I look, I can almost identify which corporation runs an establishment. I automatically inspect their business and critic it if I see their store empty as if I was ever trained to have the right to do so!

“Ah, masarap itong bagong chichirya ng URC ah.”


Which inevitably leads us to…

6. Patronage of the stock’s business

I remember how a seminar I’ve attended served Jollibee meals. I was a fundamentalist back then, and I was extremely happy with the the choice. “This is definitely going to help JFC, kailangan lumipad sya sa Monday!”. How cute and innocent. :p

Speaking about newbie thingimajigs, one of the funniest things you’d ever feel was a little bit of self-entitlement.

7. Sudden urge to walk in on a store and say “Hi I’m actually a shareholder of this company”

I wanted to do that when I was new, while ofcourse, patronizing the business. I wanted to waltz in FamilyMart, order their tuna onigiri, and whisper, “May shares ako dito sa employer mo” wink wink.

I could have gotten dirty shady looks but well! All is bliss in the beginning!

8. You adapt to the culture

I think the biggest culture shock I’ve ever experienced isn’t even about living in another country, it’s actually engaging with the stock market. After all, this is the 1% of filipinos educated enough to venture into the stock market and the old cows in it who are supposedly Ilustrados.

Imagine my surprise when I got to see the real thing. Men of “refined” breed engaging on their new roles as keyboard warriors. Intelligent men asking equally new stock market traders for advice. And old-timer, wealthy, traders consummated by greed.

I should’ve known they were all dead by now

It’s like walking in a gentleman’s club thinking the place is filled with high tea and biscuits of old London, only to find the establishment was just a certain kind of entertainment where gentlemen can stop being gentle and receive lap dances. Welcome to America!

However, you need to hit the ground running. It’s eat or be eaten. You can’t face a hungry panther in front of you and tell him it’s your first day in the jungle. After surviving with scratches and burns, eventually you begin speaking their language.

9. The language

I don’t know who made these language up or if they deserved to be thanked. I don’t even understand why we have to start talking like the very same kalye people who smashes car windows during traffic and then grabs your bag while threatening you with their pointy objects bathed with tetanus. “Getz?” Why, suddenly, are people placing too much letter H in their verbs?

If they have it their way, she would be Lhizah Sobheranoh

This is why we can’t leave the baby with Daddy all day. Men tend to make things work, in a crude way, and the invention of lace and tassels were probably brought upon by enough disapproving looks of someone’s wife or mother.

Anyway, men still act good enough around women’s presence even over social media (save for the very few who think it makes them cool not to– like highschool), in the end though, they hold much more sway and I can tell you right now what lambat, bakat, and ejak means along with a lot of other things. Not that it makes me proud.

Additional note to men: You’re all still cute in your little befuddled way, like when my father has to call my mother at her work because he can’t find the butter at the fridge (it was right in front of him).

10. The sudden urgency to repent for your financial mistakes

The moment I started reading about financial literacy and how Elite Daily was creating a culture of working our ass off our entire life for a few weeks or items of luxury, I never saw the world the same way again.

elite daily
you don’t say?


I was haunted by my nights of romanticizing living paycheck-to-paycheck thinking I was truuuly living it in my 20s when I stagger home in the wee hours of the morning after shopping and going out with my friends. Though I do admit it was really fun, and I wouldn’t have wished to live a life that didn’t go through tasting it like that. Reading financial books that make money through constant tough love of gloom and doom plus a whole life of chains and unhappiness, I couldn’t help but feel bad over the times I thought I “needed” a frappe or one more cute leather jacket “for that one special occasion”. (Edit: It never came.)

Repentance came harsh. There was no weaning off period. The moment I realized what I did, I acted hard and fast. Strict enough that I felt deprived even if all my needs were satisfied, because my wants were constantly satisfied before too– and now not a single one was met.

The problem with this is if your discipline has not really changed over night, it works the same way that crash diets do. In my case, I was able to carry it over, but had to fight off the huge amount of depression it caused me after all the sacrifices I made, I was still left with a big bill of loss.

Don’t overdo it, folks. Buy yourself the occasional lipstick.

11. Money gets less emotional.

Have you ever cut 200,000 pesos worth of money? For the seasoned ones, sure. For the newbies, we’d rather let the money rot in a dying stock for that sliver of hope that one day it makes a come back. “See the money isn’t really gone, it’s just temporarily unavailable.”.

I used to attribute every thing I made to my worth. This must be why I stretch myself on things I do, and never seem to get satisfied with my output. And though that pushes me to do great, there are things in life that we need to detach ourselves from.

Money in real life dictates your stature in it. Depending on how you look, the security guards at the mall would let you pass without a search. It leaves a bitter taste in your mouth on what you have accomplished in life, somehow, because money enables… and consequently disables. We attribute our freedom to it and therefore become emotional.

I’ve never felt more stupid in my entire life

Money in the stock market is the same but we can not function that way. The only way you can trade efficiently is when you cut callously on misbehaving stocks and stop the mistake from disabling you. Like what I’ve been told, “You have to start thinking now that the money in your portfolio is just a way to keep score”. After all, if you let emotions rule you then maximizing gains and minimizing losses can not be done.

And finally, something highly personal.

12. Stock prices became the new standard of measurement of what I allow myself to buy.

I don’t know if any one’s been through this or if I’m part-crazy, part-hilarious. Back when I was an avid SSI believer, I couldn’t buy myself any expensive thing without computing how much shares I could’ve bought with the money (“Five hundred?! That’s a hundred shares!”).

I walked in on a nail salon and even if I’ve been there a hundred times before a new sense of annoyance grew when I realized 800 php for the luxurious mani-pedi would have costed me about 15-20 shares. Rip off!

So that’s it. I wonder if I’m alone on this one, hopefully not! Has the stock market changed you in any way that has– *gasp*– not touched me? Go ahead and send me a letter. 😉

Forever yours,

As always, my pleasure:

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  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHUHU oh dear Celeste, this was beyond hilarious and right on the money, especially #3 and #6!! Thank you for this listicle, it cheered me up and inspired me to look beyond my losses. This week has been tough on my score card. Remember my last letter about being only -10% away from winning back all my losses? Yeah, that ballooned to -12% this week. Le sigh. I made silly emotional calls that wiped out my gains last month. I can’t believe it. I almost feel ashamed to have made those trades (can you believe just how lucrative that rotation was to gaming and mining names!?) but it is what it is. Self-mastery over that human side to us is so darn easier said than done. I’m more determined than ever to catch the next big play. If not, then oh well, back to the drawing board for me. Thank you again, for your honesty, humor and writings. I feel I have found a friend in you. Let’s keep on learning and trading together, shall we?


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