What else do you have to say about me that the world needs to know? Of all the things you could choose to say, it has to be those that decays my bloom. When in my pillow, you whisper, "You're lovely, you're lovely."


The House of Z

Disclaimer: What I may say here is how I see things as is. The House of Z is filled with mystery simply because very few gains access to such a restricted world, yet every body wants their secrets. There are rumours surrounding every one's personality, capability, and true identity. What I know is simply one... Continue Reading →

The First Trade

I've made my first three trades. Equipped with a few things I've learned the past few weeks, I decided I need to stop paralyzing myself. I reasoned for a while that I can't do it yet. I have no plan, but at some point it sounded like a lie. I know people thriving at current... Continue Reading →

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