An open letter: he calls himself the orchestrator


I’m no longer upset about the 200,000. Money is a currency that can lose its value over time although, in the same case, the point is to beat the system with the stock market.

What I’m really upset about is how they wasted my time. 200,000 is worth months of my job. It signifies the days I almost cried before going to work because I was still exhausted from it late last night.

I miss my mother’s cooking and my dad’s heavy opinion on politics as he watch the evening news. I’ve been away from home too long. It’s funny how you will eventually miss the annoying barkers and the tricycle noise.

They wasted my time and my sacrifice, and I’m not even allowed to complain about it. I was called names for that. I was told not to think. If someone challenged their opinion, they wouldn’t answer seriously… And then, instead, they slap us with their credentials.

Credentials are fine but I don’t see results. Or are we the results? Is my 200,000 php loss the result of their gain? Come to think of it, I lost that money it must have went somewhere else. It certainly did not evaporate on thin air!

Someone had sold when I had bought, and that person could be the same person who convinced people to do so.

Anger is useless now, isn’t it? OFWs are often victimized.

Yes you. You who drives a sports car and spends time with your family every Christmas. You in your fancy kitchen. You who harvest off our own sweat & sacrifice.

I will not thank you because you do not deserve my gratitude, as any victim will not express gratitude over her murderer.

You have no conscience, retiring on this money. Leisurely spending on luxury. Feeding your kids from my hard work you have stolen. Thievery at this age is so modern, they’re dressed in tux, armed with a microphone, so as you are.

I long for my bed at my home. I long to have dinner and a night out with my girls.

Yet you sleep at night soundly. Convinced yourself that we clicked it any way… After presenting yourself as our teacher, mentor, guide?

You’ve set every thing up and led us to believe, this is on to you. Our blood is on your hands, no matter what you say to help yourself sleep at night.

The time I sacrificed and hard work I laboured in a foreign land with harsh conditions, gone and became your money. I behest you.

You asked for fame because you said, you wanted legacy. This money you won’t take to your grave. How many people would silently think to themselves “good riddance” as you lay dying on your sick bed?

Is this what you want?

No, I am not iyakin. I am speaking out against you who so heartlessly hurt us.

I will not thank you, but I will learn from this. You no longer have power over me. I am in control. One day, I will rise again and so shall others you have kicked down because of your ego and greed. And I will show the world that it is possible to survive an encounter with the devil…

That is you.


Respectfully yours,


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  1. I’m sorry you’ve had to undergo such pain and agony.

    I have lost as much, and more.

    And yet, I take it as my responsibility that it was me who is to blame for the losses that I have incurred.

    Because I dove into the stock market unarmed with knowledge and experience. Thinking that I had in me, talents that would be unleashed once I have experienced the market for myself.

    And then the harsh reality set in, losses kept on mounting, I’ve had to learn to cut losses even before I’ve even had gains. For every loss that I’ve suffered, I picked up something more valuable.

    I scoured the vast internet to learn how to “beat” the market, and yet I fail. I’ve finisihed Livermore, moved onto Murphy, yet still I incur losses.

    But still, I carry on. For I know that in every trade that I make, I get another chance to redeem myself.

    So I lie in waiting, patiently for the next trade to reward me for my efforts.

    It’s never really about the noise, it’s all in the numbers.

    1. Odie,

      I blamed myself too, but this shouldn’t be the culture as it exempts people who say they will “mentor” you only to slaughter you like clueless sheeps. Sure you may place your power over yourself by claiming responsibilty but this does not excuse those who took advantage of people at large! Specially when they hid under the motive of ‘helping’. I am happy you didn’t quit, as we will become better, but no longer fools.


  2. Celeste,

    Would you know if he who must be named has any relation with SEC Chair Teresita Herbosa? Google didn’t lead me anywhere. Makes you wonder who else is in on the operation, honestly, at the scale of the damage he/they have left behind.

    Also, I’m glad to hear you’re no longer upset with the 200,000 loss. I’m sure you’ll be more than able to grow that exponentially knowing what you know now.

    Sending you good vibes,

    1. Luna,

      I have no idea! But it seems likely so as a last name like that doesn’t run very rampant. We’ll soon find out.


  3. I’m sorry you’ve had to endure such pain and sorrow.

    I’ve lost as much, and more.

    Yet I’ve always known that it was me and my fault alone.

    I’ve dealt with losses right from the very first trade that I had made. I knew for I fact that I had done something wrong.

    But I decided to hold on, until the bloodletting was too much that I’ve had to cut it because it was unsettling to look at.

    And from there, the losses just piled on top of one another. I figured a bit too late that I’ve entered a battle for which I am ill equipped and inexperienced to handle.

    I’ve scoured the internet to search for information on market trading. I’ve devoured zeefreaks’ blog, mined it for information and strategy. I’ve read livermore and murphy. And still I go back to them, and pick up something new.

    I’d write down my own strategies, put them into practice and fail. And then I learn something new.

    With every losing trade is a valuable lesson, with every winning bet is an opportunity to make more.

    And I shall carry on, because I know, that with every trade I make, is a chance to redeem myself.

    There was no one else to blame for the losses that I’ve incurred but myself, because I know that I went into the market unprepared.

    if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle
    – sun tzu (the art of war)

  4. … in real life — you shouldn’t trust anyone about money … you should do the same in trading philippines stocks — leave pse behind and trade US market .. US markets are more profitable …

  5. Well… Yes correct …For me it depends on who is your mentor…all my mentors teach me on Technical decisions not on Hype and FA (facebook analysis) as to become independent someday since being a trader we need to be fully responsible sa decisions natin (will help to listen to 7 habits of higly effective trader)…..;).. Stocks especially psei due to liquidity can be easily controlled by a simple hype…if a mentor never teaches risk mgmt and managing loss and always put flowers on the statement in making money and always money not the art and science of trade and market there must be something wrong 😀 .

    Go to the market with less hype but TA friendly ..FX and Commodity..;)

  6. hello Celeste,

    Just wondering – nadistract lang ako pero ang ganda ng painting – did you create that ? If so – panalo and continue making more of that.

    Also, I don’t want to do self promotion – pero baka makatulong lang sa iyo

    Forex Trading – Kahit basahin mo lang ung mga posts ni @Tama Yu and go to (I’m pretty sure you can pick up a thing or two) . The Facebook Group is Porex Trader (created by a team of technicians who are just trading currencies daily.) You can pick up some good habits.

    Philippine stock markets – go to (It’s a forum and you’ll find many people arguing their bullish or bearish positions but in the end, it is always going to be a lot of people discussing stocks so we really treasure the power of many ideas rather than one single idea.)

    Facebook Group: I personally don’t update this as often as I used to but mostly to channel traffic towards BookAKA if it’s related to stocks. – It’s Faceless Trader Ground Zero.

    When it comes to trading and investing – there is no such thing as certainty. No sure things. No surebols. Each person will advise you this or that but in the end, you’ve got to learn how to decide for yourself and how to trade independently. The rest are just helpful guides but they don’t own your financial future.

    1. Yo! the comment section hurts my eyes. you might want to change the comment section’s background a litter lighter or perhaps the font?

  7. there are better deals than the stockmarket where you do not have to trade. no i’m not referring to mutual funds or uitfs. pump and dump is a longtime game in stock market that is why i’m not into it. even for long term. always remember, paper assets technically are what it is… paper assets.

    if you are still building your fortune, concentrate on real cashflow. invest in solid assets for long term.

    when you have money, almost all the people around you knows where you need to put your money. be careful.

    one thing i know for sure, either you buy or sell in stockmarket, the brokers/online brokers gets their fees. and thats their real cashflow.

    look at the bigger picture.
    look for better deals.
    play your game in a winnable manner.

    matalino ang pinoy. god bless.

      1. Celeste,

        first of all, i’m not a guru in finances and like you, i talk from personal experiences, my colleagues experiences and lots of reading, research, seminars and Q&A to people i look up to given the opportunity to talk to them.

        real estate for long term. while it is not always true that real estate always goes up in value, you will not easily loose it if you own it. the probability of its appreaciation over time is bigger than depreciation. thereby you will be playing your game in a winnable manner. and no, i’m not a real estate agent.

        businesses for cashflow. yes of course. that is why jollibee is still jollibee even if the owner is capable of doing investments only. but if you have a passion for it. specially if you’re just starting.

        for me, i do investments for cashflow. it’s rare to find these kind of deals in the PH. Philippine market is small and controlled by a few – no hard evidence for this statement but you can hardly find any good deals for your money except for scams. beware.

        i go for international markets. funds with better deals that protects me from possible losses. allowing me also to get my money anytime.

        and yes, even the the so-called savvy investors does not know about it.

        always remember, when the savvy investors got hold of a great opportunity, the sophisticated investor already made a lot of money on the same opportunity.

        good luck on your journey,


  8. …and years after he still does the same damn thing.. and I have been a victim as well.
    I can still remember last year’s slaughter (third telco player).
    The same propaganda, the same bull sh*ts.

    Man, was I stupidly hyped! But just like you, Miss Celeste, I will rise.
    One fine day, I will rise again.

    Thank you for your beautiful writings.
    You’ve blessed so many.


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