The Great Mystery: Selling points

Thinking back, I was never told when to cut. At almost every opportunity, I was told to buy.

Buy when it’s green. Buy when it’s red. There was almost always a reason to buy. Buy, even, when it breaks a certain price point– “Sumalo ka. Magpapaiwan ka ba?


After that, I got bombarded with quotes. Oh, dear. The quotes. I wonder how much the people who got quoted must feel in the afterlife now. Do they want to rise from their graves and slap the people who use it and perverse them? To be used in bad faith when you wanted to leave a legacy!

Oh and let me tell you a story although it does feel quite strangely familiar. This must be deja vu. I must have seen it on TV? Or read about it in a book? No?

Oh my. It might have happened to me. I could have seen the script.

It starts with fundamentals. It starts with a dream. It starts with a wild speculation. Thrown in with a bit more of credentials. Bolster with certainty. Tell ’em to fight. Build a small fire within.

Slowly, slowly.

Remind them of who you are. Laugh at those who question you, dust up your old resume, let every one see. How can you be wrong?

Embellish an impressive figure of profits! It has to be at least twice at this point… but make sure the base line idea is that you’ve always known things are bad with the Index, touch this ever-so-lightly and then let them go.

Oh, but if it’s so bad, how come other people have made money out of it?No one must know that! Ban them, banish them, send them off! These stupid, meddling, bunch of trolls! Truthers!

It’s a community of grieving people out here– do not have them bombarded with proof that there’s a better way than yours.

That there is hope.


My strength was used against me. I admit that makes me upset. Because I was told that not being able to bear pain made me a lesser candidate for success, and I didn’t want that. I so desperately want to succeed. I can bear pain. Oh, I can bear even more than that if it’s for the people I love. So, I stayed there and held my losing stocks and there was some humor in the community to ease it a bit— but it did not change anything about the reality. I’m losing money.

And the bottom line is all that matters right? After all, you came here for that.

Let’s walk out of here, my darling. Let me tell you a bit about the world I have learned. The stock market is no different. It is business. This is cutthroat.

It is a market place. Remember that. There are buyers, there are sellers. In here, both parties think they made the right decision. The question is who was right, and who was wrong?

The reason they told you to buy is because they have bought (past tense). Or atleast, in the beginning! Logically, why would they encourage you into something and not involve themselves in it? If it’s THAT good? I don’t see any thing wrong here. Quite reasonable, actually.
The reason they can not tell you when to sell is simple. It’s where sabotage lies.


If every one else sells, then who will buy when they start selling?

When it’s all been said and done, they knock on the living and wake up the dead motivational speakers and then they let them talk, talk, talk. This isn’t for them, silly. It’s for you. For us. Because at this point of the game, they have won, but you don’t know it… I didn’t know it. And we must bear the pain.

Maybe a bit of Rocky Balboa, Peter Lynch, Livermore will prevent you from hating.

After all, sugar, they might need to do business with you again, right?

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Wake up, darling. Don’t move with the crowd. They are ahead of it. Bought earlier, sold earlier and so should you.

You don’t have to be published in the media, sent abroad, or go to TV to be a part of the victorious. We can win by simply refusing the obvious. In this business, are you selling… or are you being sold?

Forever yours,


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  1. Hear, hear, sister!

    The market is indeed a zero-sum game which people unfortunately tend to forget. Now I steer clear from the fundamentalists. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with fundamental ahem investing ahem, I’m tired of listening to egos telling me this and that, rationalizing why they *think* so and so is going to go up or down. Excuse me sir, please don’t tell me what to do (buy! buy! buy!), instead please tell me how you’re reading the damn treasure map err chart. The illusion of confidence of these gurus is certainly alluring to new blood, but hey, isn’t everyone a guru in a BULL MARKET??



    1. Luna,

      I must admit I enjoy your letters! And I must say it was amusing that the random monster assigned as your avatar this time resembles the female reproductive system ;)) I certainly agree one thing, I have not learned a single way of HOW they did things.

      Maybe they were too afraid to educate us as we will eventually see through the lies.


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